About Us


Light up Africa is a local NGO made up of multidisciplinary faculty of health and social workers dedicated to meeting the various needs of all race, age, sex by providing opportunities that enhances the physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing of people in the community.


Promoting and preserving independence and healthy living for all through effective primary health care delivery, health education and investment in human resource.


  • Generally, there is shortage of health care professional in the country (Ghana) and the continent (Africa) as a whole.
  • Currently in Ghana, there is an imbalance in the nurse patient ratio and doctor patient ratio, not to talk of dietitians, psychologist and other specialities. There are no health and safety specialist, and other active psychologist in the public sectors. The few in Ghana are travelling to seek greener pastures.
  • This situation is due to unsatisfactory service conditions. The effect of this is seen more in the delivery of primary based care in the community and rural areas.
  • The excessive shortage of health professionals has also led to inefficiency in our healthcare programs and delivery.
  • There is no follow up on patients after being on admission in the hospitals and discharged home.
  • Quality staff-client relationship is impaired.
  • Health educations to clients are not up to standard or level that would make the client understand basic health condition.
  • There is no form of protective policies and well-structured community based programs.
  • Most healthcare facilities are overcrowded every day as a result of lack of extensive community based orientation primary health care to render house-to-house, family based and person centred care.
  • A number of patients who report to hospitals usually have stayed long at home with the ailment, and report to the hospital when their conditions have advanced. This has led to high record of death from preventable and curable diseases like malaria, hypertension, diabetes, cholera, cancer, liver problem, etc. The overall effects is low productivity in the country, retard national development, increased government expenditure on health.

Efforts to address these challenges have been slow, ineffective and unsustainable because of poor co-ordination and commitment.

As part of efforts to address these difficulties, Light Up Africa was formed in 2012 to provide community based orientation primary care.

We work with our public sector partners, to give our clients the opportunity to live a full and independent life. Living independently in a familiar surrounding could impact confidence and wellbeing of our clients.  We provide support which is person centred and outcome based, meaning we try to understand all capabilities, aspirations and challenges of each of our clients and help them work towards realistic and achievable goals

Aim and Objectives

  • To actively create opportunities for educating, caring, researching in different variety of setting, eg. Rural, community based hospitals etc.
  • To attract, recruit more members and volunteers to help with community care.
  • To acquire sustainable funding sources to support our primary health care programs.
  • To enable us identify and treat diseases timely.
  • To appeal for different educational materials that would be understood by all.
  • To solicit for drugs and equipment that would be used for our community outreaches.
  • To collaborate with local and international non-governmental organisations, multinational bodies, government, consulates to support us in various aspects of our healthcare programs.
  • To partner with some education sectors.
  • To collaborate with expertise of vibrant training institutions like Centre of Development and Entrepreneurial Institute-CDEI.
  • To offer refresher training to our clients and health workers.
  • To create opportunities for health and social workers in Ghana to do short-term attachments.
  • To partner with International Organisation and have the benefits of training and development to improve our health care delivery and educations.


  • Training the few nurses that we work with to deliver standards
  • We have rehabilitated one client at Pantang Psychiatric hospital in Accra, Ghana. Through the Centre for Development and Entrepreneurial Institute, an affiliate to Light up Africa, The client has been given professional training in Computer Technology and also as an Advocate for Change to impact well in the society and role module to others.
  • Light up Africa has also embarked on numerous church symposiums over the last few years and has visited a number of homes in the municipality.
  • We have extended our out-reach health education to over 18 communities in the Eastern Region reaching out to over 15,000 people.
  • We currently offer in house health service to over twenty homes.
  • We have one office

Our hope is to sustain this program and spread our operations throughout the country so the people of Ghana can enjoy a full independent and healthy life.


Lack of medical equipment and training equipment: our operations have been limited due to inadequate medical and training equipment to reach out to the desired number people and training to our staff and volunteers


We currently use our 4 seater vehicle to convey our staff to the communities.  Due to the state of the vehicle we are limited to the number of community visits and also unable convey the required number of personnel during community visits.

Lack of funding

Light Up Africa operation has been slow due to lack of funding and access to sustainable financial aid. This is affected recruitments, human resource and remuneration and motivation of our staff and support worker .The operations of Light Up Africa over the past two years has been funded by its founders.

LUA which started as a desire to extend support and primary health care to distress communities has since been funded by the founders.

LUA is expanding its operations into more communities with the vision of extending our primary health care services and education to all regions of the country.

Vera Antwi Amamoo (FILN, UK)
(Executive Director)