The ambulance has been cleared from the port

6 small boxes: disposable gloves in S, M, L measures; washing gloves;
Health Aid Support from Austrians for Ghana
December 21, 2016
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HIV/AIDS Education Awareness Campaign – Ghana
August 10, 2017
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The ambulance has been cleared from the port

ambulance is now in Ghana

June 22, 2017, Republic of Ghana,

Here we are.

A hard work has been done in recent months. We didn’t tell you about it. They were months of silent commitment and hope.

It was necessary to free the ambulance (which had been stopped for six months at Accra Harbor) from customs duties and VAT automatically assigned to that type of vehicle.

We needed the effort of both sides, Austria and Ghana, and both sides gave their best.

Now the ambulance has been cleared from the port , and has become part of the Light Up Africa (NGO) equipment for our medical outreaches and improve emergency referral cases for country.

There’s so many people to thank; first of all Mrs Karin, and all the ‘Austrians for Ghana’ team.

And our beloved Walter, member of ‘Austrians for Ghana’ and our unforgettable friend.

Here we would like to include a partial list of all those women and men (and organisations) who have made possible this small, immense miracle.

Thanks also to those we do not mention specifically here. Thank you very much to all of you!

Friends, you can all understand how hard is the challenge we face everyday.

Likewise, you are able to understand how much difference it can make this ambulance in our daily struggle against suffering and death.

Now let’s continue in our work. Together, we’ve got this awesome goal. Together we will go further.

“Reach out and touch someone”

Light Up Africa (NGO)


The ambulance has been cleared from the port




Mrs Karin Schrittwieser;

Austrians for Ghana (team and staff);

Mr Robert Osei Mensah Boahene;

Mrs Vera Boahene;

International Red Cross;

Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Humanitarian Aid;

Austrian Ambassador Werner Senfter (and his team);

Hon. Abena Osei- Asare (Mrs) Deputy minister of Finance;

Hon. Dan kwaku Botwe minister, Regional Reorganization and Development;

Hon. Nana Mireku Somuah, Member of council of state;

Dr Afisa Zakariah, Chief Director , Ministry of Health;

Mr Djaba Mensah Julian, Ghana Education service;

Hon. Minister Of Finance, Dr Ken ofori Atta;

Light Up Africa (NGO) (team and staff)


ambulance in Ghana 1

Austrians for Ghana - Light Up Africa (NGO) Ambulance in Ghana

Austrians for Ghana - Light Up Africa (NGO) Ambulance in Ghana



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