Palliative Care

What is palliative care/comfort care/support care?

The word palliative means providing relief. The main goal of palliative treatment is to provide comfort and support instead of cure. It focuses on easing physical pain and suffering as well as addressing person’s emotional and spiritual needs. palliative care can  be aggressive and high tech. even though a care is not possible there is much that can be done to help a person to live a life that is comfortable and satisfying, not only  during long of life.

Where palliative care does takes place

Palliative care can take place in different setting, in the hospital or in the home.

People, who suffer from illness that last longer or a life time and are not easily cured, usually must learn how to live with the disease and how to treat the symptoms caused by the disease so as to return or reach an optimal lifestyle.

Example include: arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, dementia

Some hospitals have in patient units where clients come to receive specialised treatment. When treatment has been completed, the patient is discharged and goes home .palliative care at the end of life usually takes place at home through a hospice.

Who can request for palliative service from light up Africa?

  1. Doctors’ recommendation: you’re doctor or medical professional could refer you. This could be rendered both at the hospital setting and at the patient’s own home.
  2. Family request: family members could also call for these services from light up Africa.

In our community as we have in our homes. We have terminally ill patient, who needs support and regular special medical attention and may have difficulty in visiting the hospital every day. Such families with such needs could call our office for such services. a team of professionals would come to your home, assess the situation and we would assign the medical /social staff to the home for the necessary care to be given.

Light up Africa would work collaboratively with the clients own doctor/ hospital to deliver this support.

Who are the members of our palliative team?

The team include:  medical doctors, visiting and assigned nurses, social workers, physical, special health and safety specialist, financial advisors.

Are there limitations to our care?

There is one condition that affects eligibility for our palliative program.

The focus of our care has to shift from cure to comfort.  This could be confusing.  If one could understand whether the treatment the one is undergoing is curative or palliative, it would be easier. The way to understand if one could ask his/her doctor if the treatment he/she is undergoing is to eliminate the disease [curative] 0r to keep the discomfort under better control