Join us: Light Up Africa (NGO) Ambassadors

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Basic Medical Education – Adoagyiri, August 2016
August 13, 2016
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The ambulance is now ready
November 23, 2016
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Join us: Light Up Africa (NGO) Ambassadors

Join us: Light Up Africa (NGO) Ambassadors 2

Light Up Africa (NGO) Ambassadors roles and responsibilities


LUA Ambassadors intro meeting



Upgrading Light Up Africa (NGO) action

Light Up Africa (NGO) has decided to follow the best examples of qualified international humanitarian organisations and institutions.
We have reformulated some winning-practices spread in the cooperation field, on the basis of the peculiarities of our operating environment, our national culture and our needs and aspirations.
The main purpose is to make more effective our NGO strategic action, involving more people and resources, and opening our doors to various levels and forms of Volunteering.

In this sense we introduce today the new “Light Up Africa Ambassador” Volunteer role.


December 15, 2015 17


Who are LUA Ambassadors?

Light Up Africa Ambassadors (LUA Ambassadors) are special volunteers who play a vital role in order to accomplish the NGO vision, mission, goals and programs here in Ghana.
The LUA ambassadors core-mission is to promote our healthcare, education and community self-development plans.
LUA ambassadors share and explain information about Light Up Africa (NGO) agenda, projects and actions:
a) Through managing information and communication activities in their own countries;
b) Involving co-workers, departments, institutions, civil society and friends.

As a LUA ambassador you can play a precious, official and concrete volunteer-work in favor of ghanaian rural communities and needy populations, even without leaving your city.


Basic medical education - Adoagyiri educational activity, 2016


LUA Ambassadors goals

LUA Ambassadors promote, share and superintend NGO programs, activities, and resources.
Their work is as important as that one of Light Up Africa (NGO) members who are working “on the ground” in Africa.

LUA Ambassadors goals are related to our main areas of intervention here in Ghana:

  • Promoting campaigns for the LUA medical and health outreach activities;
  • Superintending and promoting campaigns for the activities that require the intervention of specialized medical staff;
  • Superintending and promoting campaigns and activities for potable water & sanitation;
  • Superintending and promoting campaigns and support projects for children with learning disabilities (education, social inclusion, quality of life);
  • Superintending and promoting awareness campaigns on the most common epidemic/endemic diseases in Africa, and related cultural campaigns for integration, support and solidarity.
  • Activating a local fundraising network, through Light Up Africa Official (NGO) Ammado profile;
  • Raising funds to implement programs: LUA ambassador can choose the place and the issue for which the funds raised are to be used, collaboratively defining the plan to get the funds to their destination. LUA ambassadors can help us ensuring Accountability and Open Management for the entire process;
  • Promoting mentorship programs of LUA;
  • Helping to organise local volunteers who want to travel to Ghana to commit themselves in LUA activities;
  • Supporting self-development and self-help of African communities;
  • Active advocating for people’s rights and needs;
  • Promoting the empowerment of indigenous and vulnerable population;
  • Superintending and promoting campaigns and charity work for the needy populations.


LUA ambassadors - first medical care


Benefits of being a LUA Ambassador:
  • Receive an Official Recognition from Light Up Africa (NGO): we will acknowledge LUA ambassador work with an Official Certificate, signed by Director General of Ghana Health Service (read more about Dr Ebenerzer Kofi Appiah Denkyira);
  • Help us to create healthy workplace and new humane work culture, with regard to our field projects, and our organisation;
  • Challenge and empower yourself, both personally and professionally through a certified and concrete humanitarian activity: enhance or gain new skills;
  • LUA ambassador will be able to choose the name of the project proposed together with her/his local contacts: by default setting, unless otherwise specified, we give her/his name to every approved project proposed and supported by a LUA ambassador. For example, if the LUA ambassador Mr. John Smith and his contacts proposes and superintends a project to install a water filter in a ghanaian rural village, that project, once officially approved by Light Up Africa (NGO), will be called “John Smith Project”. Otherwise Mr. Smith and his contacts can choose to dedicate the project to someone else or to someone’s memory;
  • The LUA ambassador can choose to remain Anonymous: in official communications she/he will be indicated as LUA ambassador of her/his country/city of residence (e.g. “UK LUA ambassador” / “London LUA ambassador”).




LUA Ambassador main responsibilities:
  • Create a mailing list and/or a WhatsApp (like) platform list and/or a Social Network Site group: use the tool that you know best, and that is easier to use for your contacts, to inform and involve the friends & colleagues who agreed to receive Light Up Africa (NGO) related communications;


  • Share LUA quarterly report and flyers with mailing list / WhatsApp list/ Social Network Site group;


  • Share Light Up Africa (NGO) Official communication tools (e.g. website, Facebook, YouTube, etc.);


  • Organize a schedule of activities, together with your local contacts who want to engage themselves in LUA concrete activities;


  • Introduce us an Action Plan Proposal, : for example, 1 Tap Water campaign for 1 Ghana rural community; discuss this plan with your contacts, develop it along with us.


  • Every 6 months a LUA ambassador is supposed to record at least one activity (fields: information, or coordination, or planning, or goals reached). We will update our communication outlets with every activity.


  • Every six months a LUA ambassador has to prepare a brief activity report.


jan 2016 18


LUA Ambassadors activity areas

LUA ambassadors activity areas correspond to the programs (ongoing or) to be promoted here in Ghana:

– Health (Medical outreach, basic Medical Education, First Aid, First Aid medical materials);
– Education;
– Education for children with learning disabilities;
– Aid for disabled Persons;
– Promoting women’s and children’s rights;
– HIV\AIDS Awareness and Prevention Campaign;
– Related PLHIV stigma reduction interventions;
– Tuberculosis Awareness Campaign;
– Malaria Awareness Campaign;
– Cholera Awareness and Prevention Campaign;
– Domiciliary Care;
– Palliative Care;
– Family Caregiver Support Program;
– Community Based Orientation Primary Care;
– Protective Services;
– Trainings and workshop;
– Health and Social Research;
– Rehabilitation of alcoholic/drug addicts;
– Active advocating for needy populations;
– Empowerment of indigenous and vulnerable population;
– Campaigns and activities for potable water & sanitation;
– Campaigns and charity work for the orphans and the needy;
– Fundraising through LUA Official Ammado profile;
– Promoting mentorship programs of LUA;
– Promoting the dissemination of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for educational purposes;
– Promoting self-development and international (ethical) cooperation;
– Helping us to organize an annual conference of LUA ambassadors (first one to be held in Ghana);
– Helping us to become an African diffused and participated NGO.


Asaman Ketewa – jan 2016 (1)


Time commitment needed

The estimated monthly time commitment is about 4 hours.
LUA Ambassadors should commit themselves to this role for a minimum of two years.


Asaman Ketewa – jan 2016 (9)



Roles available for 2017 – call to volunteer :


  • LUA Ambassador for Orphans;


  • LUA Ambassador for Women and Children;


  • LUA Ambassador for Water and Sanitation;


  • LUA Ambassador for People Living with HIV/AIDS;


  • LUA Ambassador for Primary HealthCare Outreach.


lua ambassador banner 2017



Do you feel up to assuming the task? Submit your volunteer application

Fill the online form to become a LUA Ambassador.

The information you have to provide in the volunteer application is as follows;

Personal Details:

(Second name):
Birth place:
Date of birth:
Residence City:
Address, street – number:
Postal code:
Educational level – professional specialization:
Spoken languages:
Phone number:

Motivation – tell us why we should choose you:

  1. Please briefly describe in which LUA activity area you want to engage yourself;
  2. Tell us if you have pertinent experiences or special skills;
  3. Tell us why you have chosen to engage yourself in that LUA activity area (in simple words).

You can use our online contact form (or you can use our e-mail address, listed on the same page).


*A brief resume (short and pertinent CV) and an ID document copy will be requested in the subsequent contact step (simply digital copies to send by email).


A child been screened for Hepatitis B

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