HIV/AIDS Education Awareness Campaign – Ghana

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HIV/AIDS Education Awareness Campaign – Ghana

HCRFF joint HIV campaign, Ghana

Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation (HCRFF) – Light Up Africa NGO joint project


The “HIV / AIDS Education Awareness Campaign” is a project that engages the two organisations in a concrete work, to be done in Ghana, aimed at raising awareness and reducing the spread of HIV.
The project represents also an opportunity to introduce in more detail the HCRFF Foundation, our precious and professional partners, highly skilled and specialized in this health area.
For this purpose, we are really pleased to publish this important statement from Pierrette J Cazeau, MBA, MHA, Post-Doctoral Global Public Health Diplomat, HCRFF President & CEO.
We (as Light Up Africa and HCRFF) are at your disposal for more information on this project.

«Reach out and touch someone… together»


Light Up Africa (NGO)



HCRFF - joint HIV campaign - Ghana


HCRFF is a non-profit organization based in Florida. It is registered with the State of Florida, the Haitian Consulate in Miami, with the community Aux Cayes in Haiti with ID number ACC-005 lastly the community of Careffour MC/CE BLP 0408. Foundation just obtains their Special Status 2017 ECOSOC with United Nation. For the past three years, this Foundation has been providing services to the Haitian community in Florida, such as health insurance which has provided access to medical doctors, medical procedures as well as medical equipment.


Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation has been a member of Community Prevention, Promotion Partnership (CPPP) and HIV Clinic Care Council and has learned from both so that the Foundation can serve people living in Palm Beach County with HIV. The training and meetings the Foundation has received from the Florida Department of Health such as Rapid HIV Testing, HIV Care Plan, Linkage Care, and monitor surveillance training, have subsequently been implemented with the HIV population in Florida.


For the past eighteen months, the Foundation has been going to Haiti and practicing what has been learned to offer education in three southern cities, namely Petion-Ville, Croix des Bouquets , and Careffour. Medicine was offered to HIV residents in Haiti. The Foundation has presented several workshops to educate the youth on HIV Prevention and PrEP.


Having Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation collaborate with the organization Light of Africa in Accra, Ghana would be a great benefit for the residents. This would last for a period of five years and reduce the spread of HIV. Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation will create outreach workshops throughout Accra, Ghana therefore the HIV/AIDS Education Awareness Campaign is a great project worthy of support.


Please feel free to contact Pierrette J Cazeau 561-577-2698


Pierrette J Cazeau Pierrette J Cazeau,

MBA,MHA,Post-Doctoral Global Public Health Diplomat President & CEO


Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation Inc 4700 Lucerne Lakes Blvd West St 604 Lake Worth Fl. 33467 Email Phone: (561)577-2698


Link to United Nations NGO Branch webiste, HCRFF related page


HCRFF – Official Website


HCRFF Facebook page


joint HCRFF - Light Up Africa (NGO) HIV/AIDS campaign - Ghana



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