Ambulance for Ghana – October 2017 Update News

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August 10, 2017
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Ambulance for Ghana – October 2017 Update News

LUA ambulance - October 2017 Update

Ambulance for Ghana, October 2017 Update News: present status.


Once again we write to update our friends, partners, supporters and well-wishers who contributed tirelessly to the success of the ambulance for Ghana project.
Specially Mentioning our indefatigable Ms. Karin Schrittwieser, president of “Austrians for Ghana”, and Gerhard, the family in Austria who supports the project, the Austrian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Werner Senfter, the Austrian Business Representative in Ghana, Mrs. Mary Othner, the Deputy Minister of Finance in Ghana, the “Red Cross – Austria”, Conny, the great friend of Light Up Africa, and all Donors.

Protocol fully observed.

We say God bless you all, once again.


It is important that Light Up Africa (NGO) management updates all of you on present status of the ambulance.

We have not yet started operations. The first step is to ensure that the grounds are well prepared for our ambulance services: we aim to raise adequate funds for the support of rural areas’ health and needy support projects.

The ambulance was shipped in a good condition; strangely we needed to repair some mechanical deformity, which probably was caused by the careless way the forklift truck driver may have lifted the Crafter to the parking lot. Fire extinguishers and the oxygen chambers were removed. Not a major problem anyway.


Ghana National Ambulance Service
Whiles sorting these issues out, we engaged with the ‘Ghana National Ambulance Service’ (NAS) and we are close to an agreement to form a grand partnership: this partnership contemplates that the NAS will provide us with a professional driver and other related services.
We have been granted an offer from the President of the ‘Anesthetic Doctors of Ghana’ for Light Up Africa to provide some special hospitals with ambulance services. This is very good, but we need to put the vehicle fully in shape before we can begin providing the service.
Again because of the ambulance we have been receiving voluntary service offers from Doctors to partake in our health outreaches.
Before we fully start operating, Light Up Africa want to ensure that we will derive maximum benefit from the services of the ambulance, overcoming all the hitches, considering the priceless value of this precious asset.
We anticipate the following: by upcoming November (2017) all agreements between Light Up Africa and NAS regarding operation of the ambulance should be completed: which means Light Up Africa would become the first NGO to enter in a partnership agreement with the Ghana National Ambulance Service.
Light Up Africa would be also the first NGO in Ghana to enter into agreements with Anesthetic Doctors (anesthesiologists) to provide their patients with ambulance services.


Republic of Ghana, October 1, 2017

Light Up Africa (NGO)


inside the LUA ambulance



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