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Basic Medical Education – Adoagyiri educational activity, August 2016

Light Up Africa (NGO) managed a basic medical education session on how to resuscitate victims who suffered a heart-failure. The event took place on August 7, 2016, at ‘Adoagyiri’ (a village in the Akuapim South Municipal district – Eastern Region of Ghana); the education session has been performed with a Pentecost church congregation.


The Health Education Campaign on resuscitation has proved to be necessary because of our research-finding in some selected communities:

– 75% of the respondent said they would pour water on a person who collapsed (heart failure ) to revive them;

– 10% would shout for help;

– 5% would call their names to let them wake up;

– 8% would apply blow air into their mouth (we found out that even if they had the idea it was wrongly applied);

– 2% did not know what to do at all.


As part of our vision (promoting Healthy Living) we aim at ensuring that Basic Health Education and Sanitation reach every community in Ghana and everywhere for the benefit of the disadvantaged.
As you can see from the photos, the first-aid techniques were shown and taught to those present at the event.


Basic Medical Education - Adoagyiri educational activity, August 2016

Basic Medical Education - Adoagyiri educational activity, August 2016

Basic medical education - Adoagyiri educational activity and health screening2016


Furthermore the Adoagyiri congregation community went through the following screening:


– Blood pressure;

– Cholesterol levels;

– Blood group were all checked.


Emergency cases recorded were referred.


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